Volunteering process
MAJR Wants you!

Would you like to assist? Not sure if you're ready to add, permanently, to your pack?

Then this is the right place to be!!! You can volunteer to do MANY things, from assisting with the adminstrative work that goes into running a non-profit, to assessing dogs personalities, to roadtrips!

One of the biggest needs for any rescue, and certainly M.A.J.R, is the need for Foster Homes. Many times these little guys come to us with emotional needs as well.

They need to learn to be in a regular, loving, respectful and structured environment with rules and boundaries. Those are a must! If a Jack Russel sees an opportunity to take advantage, then the human must realize and understand, that the Jack will take the opportunity.

There are always dogs in need of a temporary foster home. Even if you cannot foster - we need folks to transport, assess, do events, etc.

We would love to have your unique abilities! There's an application you can either download or fillout online.

MAJR wants YOU!!!

Can't foster now?
You can still help our crew with your donations.

Donate to MAJR

You can also send a donation by mail to:

Mid Atlantic Jack Rescue
Attention: Darlene Mullen
2327 Schaeffer Road
Pottstown, PA 19464

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