Foster Dogs

The majority of our resources go toward rescuing and fostering dogs in need – whether they come from a shelter or an owner who can no longer provide the dog with what it needs. We try to take dogs from shelters that are in the most need, those slated for euthanasia and hard-to-adopt dogs, such as geriatric dogs, dogs with disabilities, or dogs that need to be taught basic manners.

Shots, Spay, & Neuter

The dogs we take in often need spaying/neutering, vaccinations, wormers, and sometimes medical care. All dogs are seen by a licensed, practicing veterinarian and are given a clean bill of health – as their individual situations allow – prior to being placed in a forever home. The dog will be up-to-date on all his vaccinations before being placed.

Adoption Services

Our main goal is to rescue Jack Russell Terriers and Jack Russell Terrier mixes in jeopardy. Our next goal is to find them loving, permanent, INFORMED forever homes. When placing a dog in a home, we will be doing a home inspection, meeting and speaking with you, and we will follow up with you after you take the dog.

Create Public Awareness

Public awareness is the labor of love with which we tirelessly pursue. We want anyone, and everyone, who is a capable potential pet owner to be aware of the animals we have and the great need for homes for these innocent neglected creatures.

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