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Dudley -- 1/20/17

Dudley passed away today (11/20/17). He was a senior boy with some health issues so he is no longer in pain. He was loved by his mother Anna and his dad. They gave him the love he deserved and a home that all dogs would like to have. RIP sweet Dudley.



Brandy -- 5/1/17

I lost my little girl Brandy today. She was only with me 6 months, but she left her pawprint on my heart. Brandy was discarded by her extended family when her owners passed away and I was lucky enough to take her in. We addressed her medical needs and she fit into our family. Did I mention that she came to us at 15 yrs old? She ended up with leukemia and fought that hard. But this weekend she just got overwhelmed and today she went on to meet her original owners in Heaven. I will miss her tenatious spirit and will to live. And her ability to get all of my terriers in line-nobody messed with Brandy-despite the fact that she had no teeth! I mourn for her because we all deserve to have someone to mourn for us and I am proud to be the one to mourn for Brandy.

Say 'Hi" to your Mommy and Daddy in heaven now that you are reunited little girl.



Bonnie -- 4/11/17

Sadly, Bonnie passed on 4/11/17. She was only with MAJR for a few short weeks but at least she spent her last moments knowing love. Her foster mother Janice said that she was having trouble breathing and the vet found a large mass on her chest. The most humane thing that could be done at that point was to end her suffering.

RIP sweet girl.

You touched all of us in that short time, especially your foster mother.



Duke -- 10/20/2016

It's with great sadness that we announce the passing of Duke who passed peacefully at home on 10/20/16. He was surrounded by love and will be greatly missed by his human mother Linda and his feline siblings.

Rest in peace sweet boy!



Roscoe -- 06/08/2003 -- 02/22/2017

February 22, 2017: We are sad to announce the passing of this beautiful boy Roscoe. He was dearly loved by his mother Brianne until the end.

Rest in peace sweet boy, you will be missed.



Phoenix -- 12/4/16

It is with much sadness that I tell you that Phoenix was hit by a car late this afternoon and died. She jumped off my deck about 11 this morning and I have been looking for her. She ran into Norristown, a place she didn't know. She was hit running crossing the street to a church. I loved Phoenix so much and tried to make her happy. Now she is free of the fears that chased her.

Many thanks to the Norristown Police Department for calling so quickly and making sure she was not hit again.  

RIP sweet girl - Ardis Lukens (foster mother)



Shadow -- 10/18/16

The Williams' family lost their beloved Shadow and they are heartbroken. He was the most special dog, very laid back for a Jack but beloved by so many. His time with us was way too short but we are grateful for the time we had and there are so many precious memories.

We pray that he is at peace now.


Tank -- 10/17/16

The Miller family lost their beloved Tank. He lived a good long life and they are so happy that he was a foster failure.  

Rest in peace, sweet boy. Thank you for the love and joy you brought to their lives and their home.


Baby -- 9/2016

We are sad to announce the passing of Baby in September of 2016. She was a feisty, petite girl with quite the “bossy” personality but everyone who had the chance to meet her fell in love with her! Baby was often referred to as the “nana dog” since she took puppies and more vulnerable dogs under her wing. She definitely had a certain fondness for them.

Baby was the foster failure of Marie Stonebraker and her family, including her granddaughter Lexi. Baby actually became Lexi’s dog in a very short time and would even allow Lexi to dress her up in Build a Bear clothes. Baby enjoyed being a model for all of the latest fashions! Baby was the definition of a large dog in a tiny body which is often how Jack Russells are described. Though she looked after the small and the weak with extra special care, she had little tolerance for dogs who were fully able-bodied and should have known the rules…and she would be the first one to let them know it too!

Baby was just under 12 years old when she passed away and her family misses her dearly. She was truly loved by them and Baby knew that she was home, a full-fledged member of the Stonebraker family.


Boo -- 9/2016

I'm sad to say that one of my fosters, Boo, has crossed the rainbow bridge. Boo was adopted into her forever home by Lon and Lucy Smith. She could not have found a more loving and perfect home. May you run free and happy in heaven with your beloved Pops who you would snuggle with every night. He is waiting for you. Give him kisses from me, be sweet, be happy sweet girl. You have been a blessing to this world.


Shorty -- 8/2016

It is with a heavy heart that we said goodbye to our sweet little man Shorty He was our 2nd Foster Failure from MAJR and we loved him like he was with us for 18yrs instead of the short time he blessed us. I'll never forget the stormy night I picked him up at ACCT Philly, I thought they gave me the wrong dog? Off we went back home to NJ with Fred and Pepper. After we arrived, Daddy said where did this other dog come from? Oops? I never told him? After a few weeks, we knew he was staying. We'll never forget his quirky personality, his adorable face and tick tock dipstick tail, his kisses, the way one of his ears stood up, his love of rolling in grass, the way he used to burrow under and in dog beds and blankets, and stalk his Daddy for any food possible including trash can raids. He loved his brother Fred like they were raised together. When I look at his 2 shelter pics and the happy little Piglet he became with us, it makes my heart full and very sad we didn't have more time. That rainbow appeared on our little island an hour after he passed peacefully at home surrounded by love RIP Shorty.

We will never forget you! (Kim Park and family)


Bandit -- 8/2016

It's with a very heavy heart that I'm sharing the news that we lost our Bandit this morning to an agressive cancer that came out of nowhere. Tom posted the news to our friends earlier today, and I couldn't say it any better. The house is much emptier tonight without Bandit's smiling face and loyal pitter-pattering around with us.

Godspeed, Bandit B, and thank you for being such a good boy and great buddy!


Jack -- 5/2016

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of this sweet boy named Jack. He was having frequent seizures and the vet believes he may have had a brain tumor. In his short time with MAJR, he was dearly loved by his foster mother Deana and her wonderful family. He loved children and just wanted to be by the side of his humans at all times. Rest in peace you sweet and gentle boy. You were loved and will always be remembered.


Buddie -- 3/18/16

From his foster mother Ardis:

Sadly I have to report that Buddie died on Friday while I was at work.  As some of you know, Buddie has been sick for a while and hasn't been himself for quite a while. Buddie was with MAJR for over 2 years and with me for most of that time. He was a good boy with people and he loved children . He loved to cuddle at night and he was with me constantly. He loved watermelon and apples and was none too gentle when either was offered to him. 

He was a good boy most of the time. He was loved and I hope he knew he was Home in love if not in name.  RIP BudBud


Tippy Girl -- 3/22/16

Early this afternoon, Tippy Girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The Insulinoma was winning the war, leaving Tippy weak, disorientated and without much quality of life. I held her and told her what a good girl she was. Tippy was ready to go, and she quietly slipped away.

Those of you who knew Tippy's story accepted her for what she was. Foster dog diagnosed terminally ill, she was an unwanted soul. Most of my family grew to love her for all her flaws and lack of personality. Tippy was special....and she will be missed. 



Dylan -- Fall of 2015

We Place Dylan's picture here to be sure he is never forgotten.

"You'll never be forgotten, we pledge to you today. A hollow place within our hearts, is where you'll always stay."


Eddie -- 1999 - January 11, 2016

Our little old guy, Eddie, passed peacefully last night.

When we adopted him at age 13, we thought we would give him one good year of a home to live out his days.  But he was a stubborn little man and blessed us with his funny personality and curmudgeon ways till the ripe old age of 16.

Thank you to everyone who gave him love and attention over the years.

Kate & Dennis


Rocky -- November 9, 2015

In honor of this special little dog named Rocky who touched so many lives.  Thanks to Sophie for giving him a forever home.  Thanks to Meg for providing him a loving home until he found his forever.  Rocky, you will be missed.


Finn McCool -- March 25, 2004 - November 4, 2015

This morning we let our dear Finn pass peacefully.

The vet came to our home and Finn lay on his favorite bed, with his monkey toy, listening to his favorite music (the Irish Roses).

He was very calm as Dennis and I sat with him and stroked his hair - he just closed his eyes and passed.  We saw a little butterfly go by the window as he left us and we like to think Lilli came to get him - which is why he was so unafraid.

We should all be blessed with such a gentle end.

Kate & Dennis


Tessie -- October 27, 2015


Nash -- March 8, 2015

Nash passed away on 5/8/15.  He was a sweet, quiet boy who was loved by his foster family.  Here are some words written by his foster mother Deana: 

"I am so sorry to report that Nash crossed the rainbow bridge this past Friday. We returned home that evening to find him crying and listless. I rushed him to the vet and blood work indicated severe liver failure. I knew when I pulled him from the shelter this past December that he was in poor shape physically but hoped that TLC and good food would brighten him up. Although he perked up in our home, he just never seemed to gain physically. The kids, Jaden especially, are taking it hard. We comfort ourselves knowing he had food, shelter and a loving home the last six months of his life. He passed peacefully in my arms getting one last ear rub."


Sunny died March, 2015

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of Sunny.  He was diagnosed with liver failure a few months ago and was in a lot of pain.  He will be greatly missed by his family as well as the rescue.  Sunny was a wonderful and sweet boy.  RIP Sunny.


Spencer died March, 2015

Spencer was a handsome boy.   He stood straight and erect and when on lead, he strutted like a show dog! We will always remember him striding out in his bright red jacket, whenever possible right down the middle of the road.  He had a remarkable intensity, but there were moments when he would forget himself and cuddle with us on the couch or consent to a tummy rub or ear scratch. We grew to love him and we think he began to trust us.  

He is now in a place where he can run free and be at peace. We will miss you Spencer.


Rocky died January 31, 2015

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of Rocky.  He was only with MAJR for a short time but he was loved.  He started having seizures and they wouldn't stop so the most humane thing to do for him was to end his suffering.  Thanks to his foster mother Melody Asbury who stayed by his side until he passed.  In his last moments on this earth, Rocky knew he was loved.  

Run free, Rocky!  You will never have to feel pain again.


Arnold died February, 2015

Arnold, though you passed in a shelter, you have found a forever home in our hearts, where you will not be forgotten but will be remembered tenderly.  Our thoughts will turn to you each time we see the abandoned, lost, or homeless.  And we will remember you in warm and loving moments - as we hug our own furry friends, we will whisper your name and give an extra squeeze for you.


Omar died Thursday night March 21, 2013 while I was at the Vet's .

He died in his home with a full belly and I hope a happy heart. Although his breath was never sweet, his body was crooked, his manner was not really affectionate or even really friendly, and he seemed to be always right under my feet at the worst times I loved Omar so very much. I miss his body always touching mine and me tripping over him and his silly bark. I miss him curling up next to me (for warmth only mind you) at night and growling at the other dogs as they settled in. I miss this crotchety old man - my crotchety old man - Omar.

We put daffodils on his grave last weekend. they will spread and I will always have his daffodils.


Princess passed away from an aggressive cancer on Thursday August 29, 2013.

Special thanks to her foster parents Chris and Helen Miller.


Charlie -- October, 2013

It is with much sadness that I am writing to say that Ann Marie's Charlie died suddenly earlier this month. He was out for his afternoon walk when he died. Ann Marie was with him, holding him as he crossed over. Ann Marie Palotta is one of our best and most loving foster homes.

Last year during the holidays she adopted Charlie, her senior dog foster. Charlie had a great life with Ann Marie. Thank you Ann Marie for giving Charlie the best and most loved year of his life.


Dusty passed away on Wednesday February 12, 2014.

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