Our Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in adopting a dog. Whether you adopt from us or from another rescue or shelter, we appreciate your desire to adopt a dog and not buy a puppy.

Our adoption process is a 4 stage process that we hope will culminate with you adopting a Jack Russell Terrier or Jack Russell mix from us.

The process usually takes about 2 weeks depending on schedules for the home visit and how quickly we can contact your


The adoption fee for puppies under 6 months of age is $300.00.  There is an additional refundable deposit of $100 for puppies under 4 months of age who cannot be spayed/neutered before they leave our care.  That deposit is refunded once the new owner provides MAJR with proof of spay/neuter.  Adoption fees for dogs over 6 months but under 10 years of age is $250, the fee is $150 for dogs from 10-12 years of age and $100 for dogs over 12 years of age. The fee must be paid in full either in cash or a check at the time of the adoption contract signing.

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Step 1 - The Application

You have found a dog that tugs at your heartstrings and you've spoken to the foster home and want to formalize your interest. Or - You know you want to adopt but haven't picked a pup yet - you just know you want to rescue a dog.

The first thing you need to do is fill out the application to adopt. The application is lengthy and can is a very detailed. We take our responsibility to find responsible forever homes very seriously - a must for you and the dog. It is a match-making service, much like an online dating site. But instead of a few hours of date time - you get a few years. Quite a few (around 16 years) if the dog is very young.

Answering the questions on the form as honestly as possible gives you the best opportunity to make a great first impression. Please be sure to answer all the questions even if there is no answer or it doesn't apply to you.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. If you are applying for a deaf or blind dog, a completely fenced in yard is mandatory.

Step 2 - Reference & Vet Checks

MAJR's Once we have reviewed your application and determined you would be able to provide a wonderful forever home for one of our pups, we contact the references you gave on your application as well as your vet or vets. It is important that you have a history of responsible and loving pet care.

Testimonials from those not in your family say a great deal about what kind of pet owner you are. We very much appreciate the feedback & time your references give us, and the sooner we can chat with them, the sooner we can move onto the next step!

Step 3 - Home Visit

The home visit is a planned visit when one of our representatives will come to your home and see the environment in which your dog will live. It gives us a chance to meet you, your family and your other pets and allows us to evaluate your home and property to ensure the safety of the dog and your family.

There may be occasions when we will bring the dog you want to adopt so see if and how he/she fits in with your family. If you have other pets we would want them to meet in a neutral area away from your house in a nearby park or field.

Step 4 - The Adoption

Congratulations!!! It's Adoption Day! We are as excited as you that your new family member is getting a forever home.

here will be some paperwork to read through and sign to make everything official. After you pay your adoption fee, the MAJR Representative will give you the Adoption Contract to review and sign. Please be sure to ask any questions you may have regarding the Contract prior to signing. Once you sign the contract you are legally obligated to fulfill its terms and restrictions.

Along with the Adoption Contract, you will receive:

  • Copies of all your pet's medical and shelter records.
  • An assessment form that will rate your dog on his/her behaviors and social skills as well as tell you what and when they have been fed, exercised and vetted. Keep in mind these assessment forms are judged subjectively by the foster home.
  • The microchip information since you will need to register the dog under your name. 
  • The name and telephone number of the foster home & also another representative from the group who can help you and your dog adjust to your new lives together. We invite you to contact us whenever and as often as you need.

We will be following up with you as well to make sure your transition is smooth.

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