About Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue, Inc.

Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue, Inc. is an organization that was started by fellow terrier enthusiasts who wanted to help jack Russell Terriers and the Jack mixes that may be overlooked by other rescues or the general public.

Nearly every volunteer MAJR uses has a wealth of experience to draw from regarding Jacks & Jack Mixes. We use this cumulative knowlege to help educate the public and animal welfare organizations about this breed of canine, to assist those who are in need of a home, to assist owners with problems in their relationship with their dog, and thereby reducing the number of homeless Jacks and assisting in preventing cruelty to animals.

Why Is There a "Fee" To Adopt?

Often times, people wanting to adopt a dog are surprised to learn that there is a fee involved. Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue ("MAJR") is an organization that is supported solely by private donations and fundraising efforts.

Our mission is to help all Jack Russell Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier Mixes to find permanent and loving homes regardless of age, sight, hearing, handicaps and/or other medical issues. It can often take quite a bit of money to accomplish that mission. The fees charged don't pay specifically for the dog that one is adopting but towards caring for and finding all of our rescues permanent homes. In addition, the majority of dogs that come into rescue often have been neglected and may require treatment and care that can be expensive. Rarely do adoption fees cover the full costs of these expenses. 100% of the money we receive goes directly towards the care of our dogs. The other reason we charge an adoption fee is that we want to make certain that our dogs are going to be cared for properly. If a potential adopter is unable to afford the fee we require, he/she might not be able to afford the costs necessary to keep the dog healthy for a lifetime. It also prevents people from taking one of our dogs for the purposes of being used as "bait" dogs , subjects of research experimentation and/or "puppy mill" breeders (if unaltered).

For additional questions about fees for adoption, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How Is My Adoption Fee Used?

Adoption fees cover the following services:

  • Routine initial checkup
  • Grooming
  • Microchipping
  • Spay/neuter
  • All vaccines
  • Dental
  • Heartworm Preventative
  • Flea and Tick Preventative
  • Identification of any medical issues
  • All medication (if necessary)
  • Other treatments if warranted
What Can I Expect After Adopting?

When adopting from MAJR, you can expect to get a dog that has been fully vetted and given a complete medical review. You will be made aware of any medical/dental concerns at the time of adoption. Most of all, you will get the unconditional love of your new pet!

Through out the remander of your pets' life - you can call on us to assist and give advice on behavioral problems, questions you may have, or even information on events and gatherings.

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